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Create your own silicone molds from A to Z

Discover now how easily create your own silicone pastry mold using 3d printing so you can create the desserts you've always dreamed of.

My technique is the source of thousands of desserts, it does not require any special computer skills and modeling. And it allows to make big savings compared to the services of custom molds proposed on the market.

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Using your creativity with 3d printing


3d design ideas are absolutely everywhere! Through the training, we will see where to find inspiration. You will understand the different 3D printing techniques and how to choose them. I'll explain you the steps to make custom molds at low cost. And all the material you need!

Create your 3d file without knowing how to model


Create a unique mold without knowing modeling. It is through the free license of Tinkercad that I will guide you to make your first 3D objects. You will learn how to use this wonderful design software through a series of fun exercises where you can print the result on your 3D printer!

Preparing the model for 3d printing


Quickly learn how to use a slicer software to prepare the 3D printing of your model.

Optimization of the parameters for perfect 3D prints adapted to your needs and your machine. An essential step to create a quality silicone mold.

All explanations according to the filament used and the type of 3D printer.

3d printing with or without a printer


How to have access to a 3d printer if you don't own one. It's easy, I explain everything.

Optimization of the first layer and use of sensors for a 100% success rate on your 3D prints. I explain you how to organize the printing environment and good practices of storage and use of reels.

Before launching the printing of the final project.

Finishing your object for a better result


A module entirely dedicated to the finishing of its object to obtain the best results at the time of molding. Smoothing and post-treatments adapted to the food industry, because we do not compromise with safety. All the steps to be sure to have smooth parts that do not stick to the silicone. Case study on real parts.

Realize the 3d formwork of its mold


Back to the free Tinkercad software to realize the formwork of the silicone mold thanks to a new method. No need for learned calculations or knowledge of modeling. Step by step, you learn how to make your formwork and the tricks for all types of geometries. As in the other modules, you apply what you learn to the final project.

Casting a silicone food mold


Preparing your environment for casting (temperature, location). How to calculate the volume of silicone needed for your part. Tips on how to never miss a silicone mold based on my production experience.

The right time and the right method to demold with a step by step video.

Making a collection and selling your creations


Now that we have completed the final project of the course, it's time to get creative. I will give you tips on how to make your creation in multiple formats: from individual entremet to a 6/8 person piece. How to reuse your formwork for other molds. Learn how to monetize your silicone molds and increase your notoriety.

NOTE: The lessons listed above are just the beginning - we'll have action guide downloads, exercises and case studies of actual entremets, Q&A sessions, a private FB group with my coaches answering your questions... and more. But all of this is only available for a short period of time (it's scheduled to close on September 18)... so be sure to check it out now before it all goes down the drain.

100% involved expert trainers for verified results

Marine Coré-Baillais

Bonjour !

I am Marine and I have been working on custom molds and 3d printing for over 10 years. I am also a certified pastry chef.

As I started without knowing how to model, I developed a technique to be able to quickly make my creation ideas.

My mission is to make you a totally independent person on the creation of your pastry molds thanks to 3d printing.

I can't wait to see your creations in the community!

Catherine Chapoy

Bonjour !

I am Catherine and I am an engineer by training. I bought my first 3d printer in 2015. I am also a certified trainer.

I am a big foodie and when Marine proposed me to realize with her a modeling training for pastry, I immediately said YES!

My mission is to accompany you step by step to realize the final project of our training and to give you the keys to be autonomous for the modeling of your projects.

The silicone mold made step by step in the training: the Victory Cake

We will make together and step by step this geometrical mold worthy of the greatest pastry chefs. Modeling, 3d printing, molding and use: we show you everything.

Manufacturing time: 3 days. Cost of realization: max 50 euros. Bluffing effect guaranteed!

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New relations

The course features a private FB group for students to connect and share. Welcome to the course!

Jean-Marc H.

Thank you for everything you offer and the quality of your videos. You offer a lot of tips that have helped me to progress.

Chloe S.

Thank you for your complete training that starts from scratch and leads to complete autonomy in modeling. Thank you also for your reactivity for all the questions about the videos; it's great!

Paula O.

This is the complete training you need to have at hand to make silicone molds at low cost and renew your line. I didn't really believe in it at first but it paid for itself right away!

Gabriel D.

I finally had a calmer day and was able to resume the videos. I finished the Victory cake without any problem.

A special thanks to Catherine for her explanations and support. I'm not very good in front of a computer, but everyone in the lab was surprised by the 3d printed part, me first (...)

It's a great course, nothing to complain about.

€ 299

10h+ online courses

  • Expert instructors
  • Guides to download
  • 100% online
  • New relations

All the tools you need to create a successful mold for your business and make spectacular pastries

Questions / Answers

What are the pre-requisites to fully participate in the training?

The only prerequisite is to have at least a computer and an internet access. If you don't have a 3D printer yet, the training content, the community and the trainers will guide you towards the choice of your future printer or other solutions to make the parts. Then you need to get some material like food grade silicone.

How long does the training last?

The course includes over 10 hours of videos, to be followed as you progress. To make a mold project like the Victory Cake, it takes 4 days but don't worry: the 3d printer does the job for you and this time takes into account the drying time of the silicone.

Is the training accessible on my tablet / smartphone?

The training is accessible on smartphone, tablet and computer. To follow the modules on modeling, we recommend that you use at least a tablet, otherwise a computer and a mouse!

I don't have a 3d printer, can I participate?

In the online training, we offer you several alternative solutions to find a 3d printer near you or to have the parts printed. No need to equip yourself to start.

In the end, how much does it cost to make a custom mold?

It depends if you buy a 3d printer or if you already have one (buying the tool represents a 250 euros budget). Each of your custom mold creations costs less than 50 euros of material, often less than 30 euros. Do the calculation compared to the price proposed by the custom mold services on the market...

How can I ask questions during the training?

The online training includes a private Facebook group to exchange with other students as well as live Q&A sessions. The trainers are present in the FB group to answer all your questions.

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